Welcome to the abuzzWine Club!

A little bit about what we’re trying to achieve…

Firstly, we’re wine lovers, just like you, and we want to share our love of good and great wines, by taking away the stuffiness and perceived elitism of fine wines; we have no intention of talking to you about malolactic fermentation, second and third fills, and the differences between French and American Oak. Jargon is OUT, we’re going to talk your language!

Secondly, we listen to you – we’ll start by finding out what wines you enjoy, and then we can offer similar suggestions based on your preferences, to help you on your voyage of exploration of South African wines. As we go along, you can always refine your selection.

Thirdly, there are many familiar brands out there, which you may already be familiar with, but we’ve been tracking down the lesser-known brands that are producing amazing wines.

Oh, and most importantly... no wine producer pays us to promote their wines, nor do we throw in a few export run-offs, secondary labels or cheap plonks. Every wine selected for your case is based on its own individual merit, and approved by ourselves!


OK, Let's get started - take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire, and we'll have a pretty good idea of your own personal wine preferences, so each case of wine matches your very own taste!

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OK, let's start with White Wine...

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Let's move on to Red Wine...

What do you think about red wine?
Big Fruity Reds - The Fruit Bomb!
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Your thoughts on Cabernet Sauvignon?
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Your thoughts on Shiraz / Syrah?
What about South Africa's very own Pinotage?
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How about Red Wine Blends?

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Now the interesting bit - BONUS FEATURES!

  • There is no obligation to purchase every month.
  • Members can swap monthly case requirements at any time (Premium or Top Shelf).
  • We appreciate all feedback – tell us what you enjoyed, or maybe you didn’t enjoy?
  • Did you enjoy a particular wine? If so, you can either:
    • order a case of that wine (in multiples of six) at a discounted price for the duration of the month it was offered.
    • ask for another bottle to be included in your selection for the following month.
  • Oh, this is the good bit! By saying really nice things about the abuzzWine club on Social Media (facebook, twitter, etc), you are eligible for a 10% discount off your next month’s selection.
  • And another good bit - if you introduce friends (or even family) to the abuzzWine Club, you will receive 10% discount off your next purchase.
  • Discounted incentives cannot be claimed concurrently – sorry!
  • Delivery is free to the Greater Cape Town area, but we may have to add a tiny charge to cover delivery to further afield.