abuzzWine provides an integrated portfolio of customisable services enabling a complete customer engagement and retention solution for wine estates


Corporate Wine Tasting Events

We offer two types of corporate wine tasting event:

On-site wine tasting 

  • We come to your office or function, bring everything required for a wine tasting, and we taste up to 8 different wines.
  • For something a little more fancy, we can replace the wine with up to 8 premium MCCs.
  • If you wish, we can be more specialised, and bring the wines from one wine estate, together with the wine maker or representative from the estate.

Interactive online web video event – we provide the central location, the wine and the winemaker, you provide the guests, wherever they may be.

  • As a corporate event, this can bring together remote offices from around the country or the world, without the cost of flying colleagues to one location.
  • Wines are shipped to each remote participating office in advance of the session, and voilá – everyone can taste the same wine, at the same time, and are able to interact with the winemaker.
  • For a Wine Estate, this is the perfect way to reduce travel time and costs, and increase brand awareness.
  • Both large-scale events and more intimate events can be accommodated.

For all our tasting events, any orders placed during the event will attract a 10% discount.

Please contact us for a customised quotation at support@abuzzwine.co.za


Wine Clubs

Customer retention is vital. By knowing your customer and their spending patterns, you are able to offer incentives to them, which will increase your profitability.

Customised to your needs, and integrating seamlessly with the abuzzWine online and mobile sales platform, the abuzzWine rewards programme is customisable and is the ideal wine club accompaniment:

  • Web-based: no software or hardware installation required.
  • Ease of use: user training takes 5 minutes; one transaction can be performed in less than 20 seconds.
  • Membership cards: gain additional marketing exposure with branded membership cards.
  • Metrics: full audit trail and reporting function for system managers allows you to keep track of your customers and their spending patterns.
  • Communication: our telesales and bulk email services keeps you in direct contact with your customers.

Please contact us for a customised quotation at support@abuzzwine.co.za


Direct-to-consumer Wine Sales

Our online and mobile wine platforms are currently providing a direct-to-consumer sales channel for over 1,000 wines from more than 130 SA wine producers to 35 countries worldwide.


Maximise your potential

Advertising & Promotion

The abuzzWine website is more than a portal to great wine – there are many featured wine estates, plus links to our e-magazine. We don’t want to pollute the website with adverts, banners and dodgy links – everything you see is accurately directed at a clearly-defined market, and as such advertising opportunities are strictly limited.

Social Media Training

The world of communication has changed, but keeping abreast of new Social Media marketing platforms can be a full-time job.

Our Social Media capability can help you maximise your social media presence and business potential. Our half-day training sessions and seminars will empower you to own your Social Media space professionally and efficiently.

Direct Database Selling

Most, if not all wine estates have a database of customers and visitors who have willingly volunteered their contact details, simply because they either like the product or the experience. We help you to convert these databases into actual sales. Why else would you make wine?

Please contact us for more information at support@abuzzwine.co.za.